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:: A prototypical implementation of the Demaq specification

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As a sub-project of the Demaq research project we have created Demaq EDU. Demaq EDU is a linux shell script based full implementation of the demaq specification (see also Demaq: A Foundation for Declarative XML Message Processing). It is launched as an open-source software project and has been supported by the MFG-Foundation through the Karl-Steinbuch-Scholarship 2/2006 under the title " A prototypical implementation of a web service engine based on declarative message processing".

The main objective of this project was to build a lightweight, easy installable prototype of a Demaq-Runtime-System, which can be used to evaluate the declarative language for XML message processing.


Detailed Description

Demaq EDU is a prototypical implementation of the Demaq specification. You can download and use the open-source software for free (please note the license agreement). Demaq EDU is not applicable to be used in an enterprise environment, because we did not focus on reliability and performance for the benefit of platform independence and simplicity.("Premature optimization is the root of all evil." Tony Hoare).

Our objective with Demaq EDU was to rapidly develop a usable prototype. With this prototype, we have demonstrated that a simple implementation of the Demaq language specification is possible, but we also hope to generate feedback from practical usage, which has not been possible before. The prototype is aimed at the use in academic education. This way, we hope to gain knowledge for further development and evaluation of the language.Simultaneously, students are now able to learn declarative business process implementation, XML, and related technologies like e.g. XQuery in practical applications.



Demaq Manual
Linux Installation Guide
Windows Installation Guide



Demaq EDU 1.0 is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (see License Agreement).

11.06.2007Demaq EDUCore system package.(Windows & Linux)
11.06.2007Demaq EDU Win binariesAdditional binaries. (Windows only)



The Demaq EDU project has been supported by the MFG-Foundation Baden-Württemberg within the Karl-Steinbuch-Scholarship 02/2006.



Demaq EDU wouldn't exist without the help of the following people:
Alexander Böhm,
Carl-Christian Kanne,
Dennis Knochenwefel,
Martin Kremer  


A list of Demaq-related publications is available on our list of publications.



For questions regarding Demaq please contact Carl-Christian Kanne or Alexander Böhm.

For questions regarding Demaq EDU please contact Dennis Knochenwefel(demaq_at_knochenwefel.de) or Martin Kremer(demaq_at_martin-kremer.de).