Setting up Demaq EDU in a Windows/Cygwin environment

1. Installation

1.1 Cygwin

1.1.1 Install Cygwin

Get the cygwin environment from
Install Cygwin with the following packages:

1.1.2 Set up Cygwin

At the cygwin command prompt, type

ln -s /usr/bin/nc /usr/bin/netcat

to create a symbolic link for netcat

1.2 Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Get the JRE for Windows from and install it.

1.3 Saxon

Download Saxon/Java  from
Extract to an appropriate location, e.g.

1.4 Demaq EDU

1.4.1 Install Demaq EDU

Download the Demaq EDU base and cygwin packages from > Demaq EDU.
Extract to an appropriate location (eg. home/yourusername/demaqedu)

1.4.2 Set environment variables

Set up the path environment variables for Demaq EDU by typing.

export XFROGGER_HOME=path to Demaq EDU
export PATH=$XFROGGER_HOME/scripts:$PATH

You may want to put this in your .bashrc file in order to make the variables permanent.

1.5 Testing the installation

In the cygwin shell, change to your Demaq EDU directory and type


Check the output for errors.

2. Notes

Mail sending (mailsend) is not included in this version of Demaq EDU.

Contact information

Homepage of the Demaq project :

E-Mail (please replace "-at-" with "@")

Dennis Knochenwefel:
Martin Kremer:


Mannheim, June 2007