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:: Natix: A native XML database management system

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The Natix C++ XML Base System (XBMS) Library provides persistent XML storage, including high-performance document import and export, access via DOM and SAX interfaces, transaction processing with recovery, and scalable evaluation of XPath 1.0 queries. For a brief system overview take a look at Anatomy of a native XML base management system or, for details, at any of the publications below.  


An evaluation of Natix in its version 2.1.1 (codename spring-cleanup) is available for non-commercial use (License Agreement).


If you want to give Natix a try using the Natixshell, you need the following software to be installed.

To develop applications using the Natix library, the appropriate development libraries are also required.

For the SUSE Linux Distribution, the required RPM packages can be downloaded below.

SUSE Packages

NameSummaryVersionArchitectureSUSE 10.2SUSE 10.1SUSE 10.0SUSE 9.3SUSE 9.0
natixNatix Library, Documentation and Shell2.1.1i586
natix-develDevelopment Library2.1.1i586
Xerces-cXerces C++ Parser forXML2.7.0i586
Xerces-c-develXerces C++ Parser Development Library2.7.0i586
Xalan-cXalan C++ XSLT Processor1.9i586
Xalan-c-develXalan C++ XSLT Processor Development Library1.9i586
libicuInternational Components for Unicode3.4i586
libicu-develInternational Components for Unicode Development Library3.4i586

natixNatix Library, Documentation and Shell2.1.0i586
natix-develDevelopment Library2.1.0i586
Xerces-cXerces C++ Parser for XML2.7.0i586
Xerces-c-develXerces C++ Parser Development Library2.7.0i586
Xalan-cXalan C++ XSLT Processor1.9i586
Xalan-c-develXalan C++ XSLT Processor Development Library1.9i586
libicuInternational Components for Unicode3.4/3.2i586
libicu-develInternational Components for Unicode Development Library3.4/3.2i586

Independent of other libraries

If you want to be independent of other libraries (at least a Linux Kernel >= 2.4 is required) and only use the Natixshell, you can download the following tar-ball that contains the Natixshell, the documentation and all libraries Natix depends on:

The sources for the libraries shipped together with this tarball are available at:
LibraryPackageProjekt Website
For natix-2.1.1.tar.bz2

For natix-2.1.0.tar.bz2



Natix provides an API for programming with our XML Data Store. A complete documentation, an API reference, a quick installation guide and some introductionary examples for the Natix C++ programming interface are provided as HTML and PDF together with the Natix packages listed above.

The HTML documentation is also accessible online.

There also exists a small C++ application (ca. 200 lines of code) that demonstrates the use cases of managing a bookstore using the Natix API. It can be downloaded here



A list of scientific publications about Natix can be found here.



Natix wouldn't exist without the help of the following people:
Robin Aly, Henning Baum, Alexander Böhm, Matthias Brantner, Jürgen Dufner, Thorsten Fiebig, Soeren Goeckel, Andreas Grünhagen, Sven Helmer, Alexander Hollmann, Carl-Christian Kanne, Patrick Kling, Wolfgang Leideck, Jochen Leitz, Norman May, Guido Moerkotte, Oliver Moers, Thomas Neumann, Julia Neumann, Robert Schiele, Felix Schleer, Simone Seeger, Uwe Steinel, Frank Ueltzhöffer, Thomas Wecker, and Till Westmann.  

Contact, Questions and Bug Reports

If you have questions related to the Natix installation, general comments and suggestions, or bug reports, feel free to join the Natix mailing list at http://db.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/mailman/listinfo/natixusers